Hello and Swagatam from LAGRM!

We are a non-profit organization devoted to practicing the religious values of the Hindu religion. We are the first Hindu temple founded by the Indian community from the Fiji Islands in the late 1980’s. Our mission is to provide a safe house of worship, offer paths of guidance from the Bhagvad Geeta and the Ramayan. And importantly, provide a place for Bhagwan in the hearts, minds, and souls of each and every individual who comes through our doors.

Weekly Tuesday Pooja's

Every Tuesday we have the regular Pooja Conducted by our Pundit Mr. Rajeshwar Prasad. Please contact us if you wish to be the Mukh Shrota of this Pooja. There is a list and from time to time a slot gets open. 

7:30pm -9:30pm

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How your donation helps

Your Donations helps the organization in the operational and maintenance costs. Please click the Donate button to donate. From time to time we also provide our community with educational cultural programs. You will get a receipt in your email. All Donations is tax deductible.

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Thank you Ledger Factory

The Board of LAGRM would like to thank Mr. Sharoon Khanaiya (CPA)  for preparing our financial statements. Mr. Khanaiya  also operates his own company named Ledger Factory that provides book keeping and accounting services.  He has helped the Mandir by providing us with cloud based accounting services. With the help of his company we were able to leverage on technology and make significant savings. He is a blessed and humble person. Click on the button below to learn more about his company . 

Celebrate All Hindu

Celebrations With US

We hold pooja services all throughout the year. We welcome all to attend. We also perform pooja services for individuals and families. Please contact us  for more information.



Celebrate victory over evil.Falls in the month of March. Widely Know as the Festival of colors as well.

Ram naumi

Learn how Lord Rama Defeated Evil Rawan. Celebrate the Birth of Lord Rama. on the 9th day.


Festival of lights. People get together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.


praying and invoking Feminine energy within oneself as a path towards liberation

We can help you Expand
your spirituality through


Spirituality leads to self realization and this leads to liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth/deaths. Prayers are like positive affirmations with specific rituals. once you are able to do them correctly you will see all your desires starting to manifest in your life. We welcome you to learn the basics of Hindu prayer rituals. 

Our aim is to promote Hindu culture for our younger generations. Our team is working together to provide a better service to the community.
Sukhendra Narayan